3 Signs It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 - Post by Pond1920

windows_doors1Have you been mulling over the idea of getting replacement windows? If you are on the fence, it may be time to learn more about your options. It is also time to closely inspect your current windows.

Here are three signs it’s time for replacement windows:

1. You can Feel the Draft

If your windows are unable to keep the weather on the outside of your home, something is wrong. It’s time to eliminate the draft once and for all, and the best way of doing so is by installing replacement windows.

2. The Windows don’t Open

Windows are meant to open, right? If your windows no longer go up and down, it’s time for a change. Not only does this hinder your ability to get fresh air, but it can be a safety hazard as well.

3. Curb Appeal

Many people overlook the fact that their home’s old windows are dragging down the overall appearance of their home. With replacement windows, the curb appeal of your home will immediately skyrocket. How cool is that?

If you have any questions about replacement windows, now is the time to reach out. We can help you schedule this project for completion in the near future.

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