Inspect these Areas of Your Home After a Windstorm

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

Every now and again, extremely strong winds will sweep through the area. Unfortunately, this can result in serious damage to your home. Once the winds die down and the weather takes a turn for the better, it’s time to inspect your home for damage. Here are several areas that deserve your attention: ·      Roof. [&hellip

Reasons to Avoid a DIY Roof Replacement Project

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

Have you come to the conclusion that your home needs a new roof? Are you ready to make a change in the near future? If you answered yes to these questions, there may come a point when something enters your mind: tackling this project on your own. While there are many DIY projects to [&hellip

There is More than One Way to Water Your Lawn

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

With the summer heat in full effect, it’s important to pay close attention to the health of your lawn. As a general rule of thumb, your lawn needs approximately one to two inches of water per week in order to remain healthy. With enough rain in your local area, you may never have to [&hellip

Don’t Wait Too Long to Fix a Leaking Roof

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

The thought of a leaking roof is enough to make you cringe. However, if this ever becomes reality, you’ll realize just how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry! This isn’t the end of the world, as every roof leak can be fixed. Here’s the most important thing to remember: don’t delay in fixing [&hellip

How to Hire the Wrong Roofing Contractor

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

In the past, we have discussed all the steps you can take to find and hire the right roofing contractor. This time around, we’re going to take a different view. We’re going to look at the many mistakes that could lead you to hire the wrong person. Here are three things that could push [&hellip