Don’t Forget to do These Things Before the Weather Turns

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 - Post by Pond1920

Although the warm weather is hanging on, it won’t be long before it’s gone until spring.

It’s better to prepare for cold weather now, than to wait until it actually arrives to get started.

Here are a few things you need to do before the weather turns:

·      Store or cover your porch furniture. You don’t want to leave your furniture out all winter long, as the cold temperatures and snow can cause quite a bit of damage. Make sure you move it indoors or cover it.

·      Treat your lawn. Fall is a great time to treat your lawn, especially if you want it to look good when the spring months roll around. Don’t wait too long to apply your final treatment of the year.

·      Inspect your landscaping. For example, look for any trees overhanging your home that could cause damage during a fall or winter storm. You may be surprised at what you find as you begin to look around.

These are far from the only things you need to do before the weather turns, but you definitely need to add them to your list.

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