Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 - Post by Pond1920

So you spent the spring and summer perfecting your landscaping. Now, before winter sets in, you need to replace your roof, and you are naturally worried about what will happen to your landscaping during a roof replacement.

Here’s how it works: We advise customers to move all lawn furniture and patio plants away from the house. If asked, our crews are happy to assist you in moving stuff around. It’s possible now that cooler weather is here, to put tarps up from the gutter line to avoid damaging any shrubbery next to the house. During hot weather, it is risky to cover plants with tarps because the plants cannot breath and may burn.

The crews try to get the dump truck as close to your house as possible so that during the tear off, they can throw the shingles directly into the truck rather than tossing them on the ground.

Our goal is to leave your yard as spotless as possible. Like all our jobs, its really just a collaborative effort of customers and roofers coming together to get the job done right.

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