Friday, March 18th, 2016 - Post by Pond1920

Before the spring showers hit, this is a good time to check the exterior of your home for possible winter damage.

Take a tour and look for:

  • Missing or torn shingles. Also check the ground for shingle granules.
  • Check your gutters to make sure they have not pulled away from the house or were damaged by snow and ice. With spring showers on the way, any gutter repair should be made to prevent heavy rains from causing water to enter your house. If you notice a steady stream of water between your house and the gutters, the gutters probably need to be re-spiked. Don’t risk water coming in through the windows if the gutters are not properly secured.
  • Check your siding to make sure there are no holes where water can penetrate. Unattended repairs can cause severe water damage that could result in the formation of mold.

The exterior of your home provides safety and security and protects its possessions. Call on a professional contractor to evaluate the soundness of your home.

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