Why Do Our Customers Keep Coming Back?

Pond Roofing & Exteriors has provided Northern Virginia residents quality exterior remodeling services since the company was established in 1964. Today, over half of our business is generated through referrals or repeat business. We pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with our prior customers — and have put on second- and third-generation roofs for second- and third-generation families. Check out what our customers have to say about us and see why they keep coming back. We hope you will become one of our loyal customers too!

If you would like specific locations of our work, please give us a call to request our list of referral addresses.

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Your field team, which was led by Mr. Minh, was very professional, courteous to my wife and did a great job and left the site spotless. We couldn’t be happier with work and the product and know that the performance of your team is the reason you have been in business for so long with such a good reputation.

L. Scully

As Washington Checkbook members, we will share our great experience so others know. My only regret is not calling Pond Roofing four years ago when I replaced my roof.

C. Dominque

We are extremely pleased with our new roof and particularly with all aspects of its installation. Your work crews did meticulous and outstanding work and are to be commended. It was a pleasure to engage in our prior roof discussions and installation with your late father and now to see Pond Roofing standards remain quite noteworthy. There are occasions when a particular individual seems to rise above others in excellence in terms of assistance, knowledge and public relations. It has been a heartwarming and valuable experience to have Patrick Readyhough doing what we consider an extraordinary service for us. The interactions have been highly useful and personally very satisfying. He is to be commended at the highest level.
Pond Roofing has delivered an outstanding service and we feel obligated to express it herein. Thank you very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Culhane

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to each member of your staff who was involved in my recent siding repair job. As you know, severe winds in our area caused a significant amount of siding to be blown off of our house. From my first call to your office through job estimates to the job completion, each member of your staff with whom I worked was professional and courteous. The crew that performed the first patching job was efficient and meticulous in making sure the temporary repair would secure the house until the final repair could be completed. They reminded me of why I chose Pond Roofing five years ago for my roof replacement. Like the first crew, the siding replacement crew was meticulous and took the time to make sure that quality and attention to detail were carried out throughout the job. I have and will continue to recommend Pond Roofing to friends and neighbors. Again, my sincerest thanks to everyone I worked with on my recent job.

S. McCullough

On 4 November 2008, I had an appointment with a Pond Roofing Consultant, Mr. Shanti Smith, to inspect the roof of my primary residence and to provide an estimate for one or more sky lights.

First, Mr. Smith called several times to confirm the appointment time and location. Second, Mr. Smith arrived promptly at the scheduled time. While these two events seem unimportant, in an age and metropolitan area where timeliness is a lost art, I truly appreciate Mr. Smith’s respect for my time.

Mr. Smith completed a detailed inspection of my home’s roof and completed a minor repair on the spot. Mr. Smith then reviewed options for skylights and provided an estimate.

As a career military officer, I have had the opportunity to live throughout the United States and abroad. As a believer in home ownership, my wife and I always purchase homes at our duty stations and at times have retained the properties as investment opportunities. With homeownership comes preventative maintenance and structure improvement requirements. I can say, without question, that Mr. Smith was the most professional and knowledgeable contractor/consultant that I have had the pleasure to encounter in my 21-years of Service and home ownership following college.

While the cost of the skylight exceeds our current budget for home improvement, I will use Pond Roofing for all future necessary repairs to our home’s roof and gladly refer my friends to Pond Roofing for all of their roofing requirements.

Thank-you again for the professionalism of Pond Roofing and of your employees.

Colonel A. Hinsdale

FYI, please tell Minh’s manager that he did a great job. He was very helpful, very professional and very polite. He represents Pond Roofing very well! You guys have always done a great job for me and I sincerely appreciate it. I have recommended your company on several occasions and will continue to do so.

J. Loria

Living overseas, it came as a shock when our property manager e-mailed us saying that our house in Virginia needed a new roof immediately. We were bewildered trying to identify trustworthy and professional contractors, and our property manager suggested Pond Roofing. We checked out the references and made contact with a representative. She was immediately ready to help and directed us to a website which allowed us to visualize the many color and tile choices available. We wanted the best materials and workmanship available so that our new roof would last for the rest of our lives. Pond provided cost estimates for many different materials and options. Once we chose a plan that was right for us, Pond started and finished the work quickly and expertly. The new roof, new gutters and good workmanship impressed quite a few neighbors who requested the name of the company who did the work. I have never written a testimonial about a company before, and I generally don’t believe the testimonials that I see on websites, but I would be happy to tell you individually what a great pleasure it was to work with Pond and how satisfied we are with their professionalism.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Thompson

Since Pond Roofing finished, I have been up on my roof several times. I am very pleased at what a thorough and very careful job was done – not just the shingling but the replacement sheathing, fitting of the drip edges and flashing, vent covers, and so forth. I consider myself lucky and grateful to have gotten your crew. I say this as someone who has built one house from the foundation up with my own hands, and can tell the good from the slip-shod when I hire work done on my current home. The work crew made sure I got to see the old sheathing myself after the tear-off. The cleanup was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised as I was sort of expecting the worst. My house has a lot of bushes, vines and flowers right around it, and they were careful to put down tarps to protect the shrubbery and catch the stuff that fell during the tear-off. I have already recommended you to my boss, and I’ve made sure to pass along your flyers. Your company is well thought of and has a good track record.

E. Linnell

Your company just completed a roofing job on our home in Herndon, Virginia. We don’t have a habit of writing letters to contractors that we have dealt with over the years, but we decided to make an exception. We would like very much to express our sincere appreciation of the quality workmanship of the roofing job completed on our house. Your people both in the office and in the field acted in a most professional manner. It was a real pleasure to have a quality and timely job completed. In the past, we have had to have contractors return to finish the job properly. This contract was an exception and we are very satisfied customers. Again, thank you and your staff for a very rewarding experience. We will tell our neighbors and friends about the professional work of the Pond Roofing Company, and how nice it was to deal with people who are interested in doing a quality job

Mr. and Mrs. Muscaro

I would like to commend the crew from Pond Roofing that worked on my house. They were very professional, working extended hours to remove the existing skylights, replacing them with a standard roof. I was particularly impressed with the speed and efficiency with which they removed the skylights above the solar panels. They used an approach that did not require them to walk on the roof or the solar panels. Also, they did not allow any debris to fall on the solar panels. In all areas, they worked as a coordinated team, removing the skylights, installing the two roofs, and removing all the debris. Again, please pass on my appreciation for a job well done to the crew who worked on the house.

G.M. Pittler

Pond Roofing crew was thoroughly professional. Friendly, cordial — even on a blistering day on a black rubber roof with no shade. More than a “good” job– truly a “work of art” where this kind of craft is concerned. Just a beautiful job. When it comes to the roof, I always call Pond and recommend that others do so also.

C. Cackler

As a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who has spent almost 30 years in rebuilding his home, I must confess some apprehension at the thought of a team of professionals invading our handiwork. However, the experience was extremely pleasant, and our association with you will long be remembered as an example of how craftsmen and clients should get along with each other.

The workmanship, in this extremely complicated roof configuration, appears to be thoroughly excellent, and I am confident that the winter snows will find no entryways. Please feel free to use my name as a reference regarding your business reputation, and the roof job itself as an example to show potential customers who may not yet be convinced of your technical competence.

Captain J.T. Shepard

I am thrilled with the way my new roof looks. I would like to compliment the roofer and helper who did the work. They appeared to know their business well, and were pleasant, helpful in answering questions, neat and meticulous in the work done. The gentlemen who led the work effort apparently was experienced and knowledgeable. It certainly is a pleasure doing business with you.

S. Behn

Never having had a roof replaced before, I was unaware of much of the details and the hard work it took. I was stunned by the amount of debris. But, your crew was amazing. They covered everything – even the fish pond. They kept the bits and pieces off the shrubbery and sidewalk and removed all the mess as they left. They worked steadily with professional dedication. I am impressed by your company, and we should be good for the next 25 years!

Mrs. J. Helbig

I would like to compliment all of you that I came in contact with. The receptionist was extremely helpful and patient with all of our questions. Joe was great about calling me to answer questions I had, and certainly very knowledgeable about the whole business. And the three roofers were terrific. They were extremely polite, and very careful with the property. I still can’t figure out how they managed the fantastic clean-up job – my yard looked like it had been vacuumed! We are very pleased with the whole job. I’m just sorry we won’t need another roof for 25 more years. Your people were a real pleasure, and the work was great.

S. Gotthardt

Office manager is very professional. The staff worked very hard and seemed to work well together. Your supervisor was professional and instilled confidence. He was “just great.” A very good job. We have had two sets of neighbors stop by and ask who did the work. We gave you good marks

A. Maish

Very well done and completed on time. Very good task masters. They did an excellent job – better than the original. We appreciate your detailed, accurate estimate. It made filing our claim with USAA much easier. We also feel your estimate was very fair.

Mr. Summerford

Excellent workmanship. Courteous and patient with my many questions. Excellent clean up. You were recommended to me 20 years ago. I keep coming back.

Dr. F. D’Aquila

I am not an expert on roofs so I go to people who have served me well in the past and I can trust their reputation. Excellent workmanship. Staff was friendly, polite and professional.

C. Metzger

Timeliness very much appreciated. A couple of neighbors will be needing new roofs, and I have recommended you.

S. Douds

Excellent workmanship. We feel your employees did a good job and had a very good attitude – especially the young man who did the back flat roof and the final cleanup. As you know, I used you and your service once before – about 30 years ago.

E. Nagley

We wish to commend the employees that were assigned to work on our house. They were most helpful in doing the best job possible. We cannot speak too highly of them and want you to know that they bring credit to your business. We were very pleased and satisfied with the work they performed and thorough clean up of any debris. Thank you for such professional people.

Mr. And Mrs. J. Urban

Excellent workmanship, staff and cleanup. I have recommended your company to others for years. Thanks

Mr. And Mrs. D. Colby

Another nice job – you did our former townhouse. We have recommended you for many years.

Mr. and Mrs. T. Corcoran

Your crew did a great job just as I thought they would. Everything cleaned up and neatly done. I must tell you, because of the good workmanship, you will be doing my new roof job, on the house and the barn. I wanted to thank you and your crew for the good job.

B. Wiggins

Workmanship excellent, staff terrific, did fantastic clean up and took great care not to damage landscaping. Great people.

P. Renault

I trust Pond Roofing above all other roofing companies for quality and dependability.

P. Uchello