December 19, 2016

Since Pond Roofing finished, I have been up on my roof several times. I am very pleased at what a thorough and very careful job was done – not just the shingling but the replacement sheathing, fitting of the drip edges and flashing, vent covers, and so forth. I consider myself lucky and grateful to have gotten your crew. I say this as someone who has built one house from the foundation up with my own hands, and can tell the good from the slip-shod when I hire work done on my current home. The work crew made sure I got to see the old sheathing myself after the tear-off. The cleanup was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised as I was sort of expecting the worst. My house has a lot of bushes, vines and flowers right around it, and they were careful to put down tarps to protect the shrubbery and catch the stuff that fell during the tear-off. I have already recommended you to my boss, and I’ve made sure to pass along your flyers. Your company is well thought of and has a good track record.

E. Linnell