Attic Ventilation Systems

Pond Roofing & Exteriors is your one stop shop for “everything roofing.” We install ridge vents , eave vents and attic fans to save you seasonal heating and cooling expenses and to protect the integrity of your home roofing system. Ventilation is important for preventing excess heat and moisture build-up in your attic, thus avoiding future repairs and excessive heat making its way into your living space.

The Importance of Ventilation

A roof ventilation system (combined with adequate attic insulation) prevents heat and moisture build-up in the attic. During the summer, trapped heat in the attic can radiate down into the home, making the top floor uncomfortable and more difficult to cool. Excessive attic heat may also damage roofing components and reduce shingle life.

During winter months, proper roof ventilation will help draw out excess moisture rising from the home into the attic, which if trapped, can cause mildew, mold and promote dry rot of decking. Poor attic ventilation in the winter also creates uneven roof temperatures. As a consequence, melting and freezing snow can form ice dams which may block water from draining off the roof.

Natural Ventilation: Ridge Vent with Soffit Vents

Stay green and save energy by combining soffit vents (intake vents placed at the underside of the eave) with ridge ventilation (outlet vents at the peak of the roof).


As the wind flows across the roof top, a natural convection effect draws hot air out while pulling in cooler air. Natural or passive ventilation is considered to be the most efficient and sustainable method of expelling heat and moisture from the attic. A good roof ventilation system also promotes air circulation and a healthy environment inside the home.

AirVent Ventilation systems are among our favorite products. This video shows how the AirVent ShingleVent II ridge vent stacks up against its competition.

Motorized Ventilation: Attic Fan with Soffit Vents

An electric fan can be mounted near the top of the roof in combination with intake vents . We do not recommend using a motorized fan if the roof has existing ridge vents as this can counteract proper air circulation. Pond installs temperature- and humidity-controlled attic fans to keep hot, moist air circulating.

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