Give Your Gutters a Leg Up with Gutter ProTech®

Virtually self-cleaning all year round, and nearly invisible, the Gutter ProTech® gutter guard system adds functionality and beauty to your home without voiding your roof’s warranty – and comes with a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Gutter ProTech® is a rain gutter protection “panel” that can be installed over new or existing rain gutters to keep debris from entering your gutters and clogging them. It is available in copper and a variety of colors of aluminum to blend with your roof.

How Does it Work?

Gutter ProTech® uses two laws of physics – surface adhesion and gravity – to effectively convert new or existing gutters into self-cleaning gutters. It draws rain water into the gutters, even in the hardest rain, while at the same time rejecting leaves, pine needles and other debris. Each time it rains hard, the heavy flow of rain continuously washes the inside of your gutters. Following a rain storm, any remaining debris on top of the gutter guard will dry and roll off in the breeze.

When installing Gutter ProTech® to your existing gutters, all gutters and downspouts are cleaned, properly graded and secured by Pond before installation. We recommend that existing gutters over five years old be replaced before installing Gutter ProTech®. Pond is the exclusive installer of the Gutter ProTech® gutter guard system for Northern Virginia area homes. For more information on the functionality and benefits of this system, visit the Gutter ProTech® site here.

See the Difference

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Gutter ProTech®

Unlike other gutter guards, Gutter ProTech® will not compromise your roof’s warranty because the panel system screws onto the gutter and is not screwed or nailed to the roof itself.

If damaged, one or two Gutter ProTech® panels can easily be removed and replaced – as opposed to replacing the entire length of gutter in an all-in-one single system where the entire unit (gutter plus gutter guard) must be replaced.

With no openings on the top, and two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels, not even pine needles get inside your gutters.

Spectra Armour Lock

An alternative to Gutter ProTech®, Pond installs Spectra’s Armour Lock gutter guards on new and existing gutters to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. The pressure-fit design makes them easy to install with metal, tile and asphalt roof systems. The fine mesh design provides 35% more protection and the Armour Tek coating system maintains maximum durability.

Made from heavy duty steel to provide superior strength without compromising affordability, Armour Lock gutter guards are an excellent way to help your gutters work smarter not harder. If we are installing Armour Lock gutter guards to your existing gutters, all gutters and downspouts are cleaned, properly graded and secured by Pond before installation.