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A Roof Leak Can Cause Serious Problems for You, Your Home

A Roof Leak Can Cause Serious Problems for You, Your Home

Jan 22, 2020

A roof leak isn’t the type of home repair that you put off. If you do, it can cause extensive damage to your home, along with putting your health and well-being at risk.

Is that the type of thing you want to sweep under the rug?

Here are some of the more serious problems a roof leak can cause you and your home:

·      Damage: From your attic to your ceilings to the items that you store in and around the leak, water has the potential to cause serious damage. This is even more so the case if it goes unnoticed or unrepaired for an extended period of time.

·      Mold and mildew: Water penetration can cause mold and/or mildew build-up in your home, which can spread to the entire structure over time. If this happens, you can expect issues in regards to your health, such as with your respiratory system.

·      Fire hazard: How can water be a fire hazard? Simple: if there is electrical wiring in your attic – and there probably is – a leaking roof can result in shorted wires, which is a fire hazard.

While these are among the most serious problems brought on by a roof leak, there are many others that could come into play. So, if you notice a leak – even a small one – take immediate action.

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