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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Sep 06, 2018

There’s no better feeling than looking at your vinyl siding and realizing it looks as good as new.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, dirt and debris will build up. As this happens, your once new vinyl siding will begin to look old and worn out.

But have no fear! With a little bit of time and patience you can restore the once pristine appearance of your siding.

While warm water and a mild soap are all you need to get the job done, some people make mistakes that cause more harm than good. Here are three things to avoid at all costs:

·      Too much water pressure. A pressure washer can be a big help, but if the stream is too strong it can actually damage your siding. Start out with the weakest possible spray and build up from there.

·      Wrong angle. It’s important to spray your siding head on, as taking an angle improves the likelihood of water sneaking behind the siding.

·      Wrong type of cleaner. Think twice before you use any type of cleaner, as the wrong type can damage the finish. For example, avoid solutions such as bleach, nail polish remover, liquid grease remover, or furniture cleaner.

If you’re interested in cleaning your vinyl siding as summer comes to an end, a good mix of warm water and soap should do the trick. As long as you avoid these mistakes, you should be happy with the end result.

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