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Getting Ready for Fall and Winter

Getting Ready for Fall and Winter

Aug 01, 2012

Northern Virginia residents have been pounded by the severe weather of the last two years:  we have lived through blizzards, hurricanes, an earthquake, and flooding rains.  Our homes have taken a beating by this weather, and it is essential that you make sure your roofing system can handle what could be another brutal winter.

As the leaves fall during the next couple of months, they will fill your gutters and potentially clog the gutters and downspouts.  This in turn will cause problems during the winter months:  if your gutters are full, ice and snow may cause them to pull away from the house, causing possible water overflow, which could result in structural damage to your home.

One of the best ways to avoid potential roofing and home repair expense is to follow a preventative maintenance schedule this fall.  Take a tour around your house to ensure that there are no potential concerns that might cause you problems.

Pay particular attention to the following guidelines:

  • No roof shingles are missing, torn or popping up;
  • Gutters and downspouts are free of debris;
  • Storm drains are clear;
  • Landscape around home is properly graded;
  • Tree branches do not brush against the roof;
  • Chimney has been professionally checked and cleaned.  The earthquake caused many chimneys in the area to need repair.  Do not wait for winter to repair any chimney problem;
  • Make sure you have adequate attic insulation and ventilation;
  • Remove garden hoses indoors to avoid freezing;
  • Frequently replace air filters on your heating system;
  • Inspect the sealants around your windows and doors to avoid heat loss and condensation;
  • Evaluate your windows to determine if they can withstand a brutal winter or should they be replaced with energy efficient double paned windows.

New Gutters and Gutter Protection System Can Ensure a Worry-Free Winter.

Pond Roofing has been installing the award-winning Gutter ProTech® for the last 7 years.  During the recent brutal winters of the last two years, those homes where Gutter ProTech® was installed had ZERO instances where gutters pulled away from the house or landed on the ground.  Its unique design effectively draws in rain water and prevents leaves clogging.  Make an appointment with Pond Roofing to have an estimator come to your home to show you what Pond believes is a long-term solution to keeping gutters clean and operable.

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David Salamone
"They have been my "go to" firm for roofing issues for over 20 years."
Frank Key
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