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Here is Why it’s Time to Replace Those Old Windows

Here is Why it’s Time to Replace Those Old Windows

Apr 14, 2015

Even though you may enjoy the overall look of your home’s original windows, there will likely come a time when you need to replace these with something more modern.

Below are three of the best reasons to replace your old windows. It may be a difficult decision at first, but you will soon realize it was for the best:

1. Energy efficiency. Are you tired of paying high heating and cooling bills? If so, replacement windows are something to consider. Once you swap out your old windows with those that are EnergyStar rated, you will see an immediate change in terms of your energy costs.

2. Easier to clean. Dirty windows can drag down the overall appearance of your home. Unfortunately, older windows often require that you climb a ladder to clean them. In other words, you can’t do this from the inside. With replacement windows, this is never a problem. These are easy to clean from the inside, because they tilt in slightly, thus allowing you to do so as often as you would like.

3. Less maintenance. Let’s face it: it can be a hassle to change out storm windows and screens a couple times a year. With new windows, you never again have to worry about this. Furthermore, most come with screens that are easily to install and take out.

4. Ease of operation. Old wooden windows can stick for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they have been painted so many times. This can lead to quite a bit of frustration every time you go to open and close a window.

If you have finally decided to replace your old windows, let us show you the way. We can provide information on a variety of products, while also explaining the benefits. Contact us to get started today. Soon enough, you will be taking advantage of the benefits detailed above.

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