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How to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof

How to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof

Jan 27, 2023

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against whatever Mother Nature may have in store. However, if you suspect that your roof is aging poorly or has been damaged, you may question its ability to withstand inclement weather. This is an understandable concern. Many homeowners don’t know how to determine if their metal roof is leaking and are unsure if they should start researching roofing companies. To develop a better understanding of the condition of your roof, there are multiple ways to tell if a leak is present.
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What to Look For

Do you suspect that your metal roof may have a leak? If so, look for the following:
• A punctured hole. This may result from rough weather or the impact of debris. A hole makes for a vulnerable spot in the metal and can allow water infiltration.
• Rust damage. Water and metal don’t often get along. If your metal roof has a weak point where water has entered, it can result in rust, which presents as brown or yellow stains.
• Missing, loose, or misaligned screws. If your metal roofing system is not properly screwed in, then it may not be properly sealed, which can allow water to enter your home.
• Shifting panels. Tying into the problem of poorly secured or missing screws, if you notice panels that are not lying flush to the roof, there may be gaps where water can seep through and cause leaks.

Contact The Professionals

A leaking metal roof can lead to costly water damage, such as mold and mildew growth. No homeowner should have to contend with these issues or expenses. At Pond Roofing & Exteriors we understand this. Therefore, if you think your metal roof has a leak, or if you have noticed any of the aforementioned problems, now is the time to contact our team.

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