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How to Visually Inspect Your Roof

How to Visually Inspect Your Roof

Mar 05, 2020

Although you may not be a roofing professional, it doesn’t mean you should ignore this part of your home. A visual inspection a couple times a year – such as during the spring and fall months – can help prevent costly damage.

When visually inspecting your roof, it’s imperative to do so with safety in mind. So, if possible, do so from the ground below. This doesn’t give you the best view, but you don’t have to take any risks with your safety.

Here are a few things to look for:

•    Missing shingles: These are typically easy to see, as your roof will look different in this spot than everywhere else.

•    Damaged shingles: All your shingles may be in place, but some of them could be damaged, such as the result of wind or hail.

•    Gutters and downspouts: Without properly attached and functioning gutters and downspouts, your home is likely to suffer damage at some point. For example, if the water backs up onto your roof, it can sneak under your shingles and cause a leak.

•    Rotting wood: Do you have wood fascia? Can you see wood where shingles are supposed to be? Take a closer look to see how badly it’s been damaged, as this will tell you what type of project you’re up against.

If everything looks as expected and you’re not experiencing any issues, you’re good to go. However, if something seems out of place, take action to correct it. Waiting will only lead to more problems, which will cost you additional time and money.

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