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Leaks! Don’t Ignore the Signs

Leaks! Don’t Ignore the Signs

May 09, 2013

Okay – it’s time – April showers have brought either new leaks or those leaks that you have been ignoring need attention. 

To paraphrase a Beatles’ song “Fixing a Hole” where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wondering …. Why have I put this off and where will the water go?

STOP!  Chances are you may have been watching a drip or seen signs of water damage on your ceiling that you have ignored, hoping it will disappear.  It will not.  And the longer you delay, the worse it will get.  Don’t risk further damage to your roof, home and possessions by continuing to ignore water damage.  Ignored leaks could result in mold, and that opens up an entirely different keg of worms.   A leak deserves respect, and a professional roofer knows where and how to track it.   You want to find the leak before the roof goes bad, and you certainly want to avoid a ceiling  collapse.

Here’s the reason you want a professional examining your roof:  the leak may not be caused by the roof at all.   A leak can come from anywhere – the water can come in in one place and run down to another before it starts to soak in and drip.  It could be a siding issue, it could be a flashing issue, it could be a gutter issue, a condensation issue, leaking windows, or a plumbing problem – the roof could be shot, and on and on.  Stop your mind from wondering and get your roof professionally checked out.

Roofs in our area have been through brutal conditions during the last 5 years.  We have had hurricanes, an earthquake, tons of snow and ice, and many torrential storms.

If you have a leak, leave it to a professional roofer to diagnose where it’s from and where it will go.

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