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New Roof/Wood Replacement

New Roof/Wood Replacement

Jun 03, 2014

As the weather is clearing and we are able to assess the damage to exterior structures caused by the six-month horrific weather in our area, we are seeing a lot of wood rot.  What that translates to the homeowner is an added expense to the cost of replacing your roof.  What it means to the contractor is added work and the inability to move on.  Rotted wood causes production delays, costs customers additional money, and it is bad news that we would rather not have to deliver.  Additionally, shingle manufacturers’ warranties require that shingles be nailed to suitable sheathing or the warranty is invalid.

Wood replacement is really the only unknown when we price out a roof, and we don’t like the unknown anymore than our customers.  We do not know what we will find under the roof until we tear it off.  If we find rotted wood, we have no choice other than to replace it.  There are fly-by-night contractors who will just reroof over your current roof, but that is negligent on the part of the contractor, and you are defeating the purpose of replacing the roof.  Up front, the cost will, of course, be higher to replace the roof, but you will have a sound structure over your head and the assurance that you, your family and the contents of your home are safe.

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David Salamone
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Frank Key
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Jennifer Hines
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Diane DePallo
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Michael Van Dyke
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