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Fall Maintenance Schedule – Part 1

Fall Maintenance Schedule – Part 1

Sep 13, 2013

How old are your windows – seriously?  Old windows waste energy, are difficult to open and close, and require more maintenance than they are worth.  And how bad do they look?

Here are some symptoms that your windows need to be replaced:

  • Drafts — energy is escaping from the windows;
  • Outdated, worn, faded windows that are sagging or bent;
  • Leaking windows during storms;
  • Condensation or frost on the windows;
  • Water spots on the walls;
  • Glazing falling off;
  • Painted shut.

New windows can change the look of your home, lighten and brighten your surroundings, and save you money on utility bills.  There are many choices from which to choose, and the best person to guide you on replacement is an estimator.

First request a meeting with an estimator – not a salesman.  An estimator will tell you what you need to know and give you a fair price.  A salesman will try to build value into features that all windows have so he can charge you more money.

To prepare yourself for a meeting with an estimator, arm yourself with some research so that you are not overwhelmed with phrases such as U factor, solar heat gain co-efficient and other design pressure terminology.  There is a lot of excellent information on the internet to educate you such as  and

There are many energy efficient windows that are virtually maintenance free and will last for years.   With advancements in window technology, the playing field has become somewhat leveled among manufacturers.  Most brands are available for any contractor to install.  Your best bet is to find a reputable contractor you trust and take their recommendation on the product.


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