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Value of Impact-Resistant Shingles

Value of Impact-Resistant Shingles

Feb 28, 2023

Whether it be pelting rain, piling snow, or rough winds, there is no denying that your roof bears the brunt of all Mother Nature has to offer. Therefore, having a strong and dependable roof installed on your home is critical. This is especially true, because if your roof is aging poorly and no longer performing as it should, it may be vulnerable to water damage, such as mold and mildew growth—costly headaches no homeowner wants to deal with.

For homeowners who have a roof with warping, cracking, rotting, or even missing shingles, now is the time to consider a roof replacement. However, before making this investment, you want to be confident in your decision and know that you are selecting a material that will be able to withstand inclement weather. This is where impact-resistant shingles come in.

Why Impact-Resistant Shingles Are a Smart Choice

The exceptional durability impact-resistant shingles provide ensures that this type of roofing is a wise option for any homeowner. When you opt for this type of roofing, you can expect it to:

  • Be engineered to withstand hail, wind, sleet, and other extreme weather conditions. Some impact-resistant shingles are even capable of handling wind speeds up to 130mph—equivalent to a category 4 hurricane.
  • Provide peace of mind. With this type of roofing system installed on your home, you won’t have to stress when a hailstorm pummels your home or if when forms of rough weather barrel through your area.
  • Offer continuous beauty. Since impact-resistant shingles offer unbeatable durability, they won’t show their age quickly. This means your roof will maintain a like-new appearance and never detract from the curb appeal of your home.

Impact-resistant shingles are more expensive than traditional shingle roofing systems. But don’t let that factor deter you, as the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Several insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install impact-resistant roofing, particularly for those who live in hail zones. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for a discount for impact-resistant shingles.

Go With a Roofing Company You Can Trust

If you are interested in a roof replacement, turn to the professionals at Pond Roofing & Exteriors. Our skilled and experienced team has the know-how needed to expertly complete a shingle roof installation. In fact, we have earned the following accolades:

  • Thedesignation as a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™
  • The CertainTeed Diamond Approval Award, which is given to a small number of roofing companies in North America

These honors highlight our attention to detail and continuous customer satisfaction.

For more information about the roof replacement we complete and the impact-resistant shingles we install for homeowners in Fairfax and Northern, Virginia, contact our team today. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have about the roofing systems we install.

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David Salamone
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Frank Key
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