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Watch for Condensation on Your Windows

Watch for Condensation on Your Windows

Jan 16, 2020

Do you notice that your windows are fogging up? Are you finding condensation on them all too often? Are you beginning to wonder if there’s a problem?

Windows don’t actually cause condensation, but it’s often the first place in your home that you will see it. This typically happens during the winter months when humid air contacts a cold surface.

While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s not something you want to spot and forget about. Not only can condensation impact your health – as it gives mold and mildew a place to grow – but it can also cause damage to your home.

For example, if too much condensation builds up on your windows, it can result in the wood surrounding them to become saturated. And when that happens, the wood will swell, crack, and lose its color. And too much damage may call for you to replace your windows altogether.

Excessive condensation can also cause paint to blister, insulation to break down, and stains to form on your ceilings and walls.

If you’re not careful about controlling indoor humidity, you may soon find that your home has been damaged beyond repair. And if that happens, you now have two (or more) problems to deal with.

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