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Ways to Keep Your Windows From Fogging

Ways to Keep Your Windows From Fogging

Jun 18, 2020

Do you notice your home’s windows fogging up? Is this a regular occurrence? Are you hoping to find a remedy?

There are many things you can do to prevent this. Try the following to start:

•    Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your air, thus lowering the odds of condensation

•    Use fans inside your home to keep warm air from sticking on your windows

•    Install a window film kit to block warm indoor air from reaching your cool windows

If none of that works, there’s a good chance that your window has a broken seal. The number one sign of a broken seal is moisture that forms between the two panes (if you have double-pane windows).

In addition to old age, windows seals can break for other reasons, such as too much exposure to sunlight and water retention (such as if water isn’t draining properly).

If you have older windows that you’ve been wanting to replace, now may be the time to do so. Rather than deal with foggy windows as a result of broken seals, you can install new ones that provide everything you’re looking for (plus a lot more).

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