EPDM Synthetic Rubber for Low-Slope and Flat Roofs

Pond Roofing replaces and installs new EPDM on low-slope and flat roofs. A synthetic membrane, EPDM rubber provides a leak proof solution for roof areas that are prone to pooling water or that drain slowly following rainfall. EPDM can accommodate existing or new skylights and can be applied onto roof decks where there is minimal foot traffic. Pond also repairs leaks, see Roof Repairs ».
Durability and Simplicity

When properly installed, an EPDM roof can provide over 10 years of maintenance free watertight protection throughout the seasons.
EPDM Roof Warranties

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for materials, Pond Roofing offers a 5-year workmanship warranty on new EPDM roofs.

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