Roof Repairs: Leaks, Ventilation, Flashing

Whether you have a small leak or extensive storm damage, Pond Roofing will advise you on how to fix your roof.

Roof Repairs and Leaks: Slate, Shake, Shingle, EPDM

Pond Roofing will inspect all roofing components and replace or repair damaged areas.

Ventilation Repairs

Pond Roofing can repair and replace existing ventilation systems: soffits, ridge vents and gable vents. In the case of attic fans, we must replace the entire unit (we cannot service parts).

Flashing Repairs: Re-flashing Skylights, Walls and Chimney

Pond Roofing repairs flashing of roofing components that are worn, damaged and cracked. We reseal or replace and re-flash vent collars, chimneys, skylights and walls.
Roof Concerns