Do You Have Leaks, Ventilation Issues or Flashing Damage?

Whether you have a small leak or extensive storm damage, Pond Roofing & Exteriors will advise you on how to fix your roof. We will inspect all roofing components and replace or repair any damaged areas. Our team has extensive experience finding and addressing leaks regardless of your roofing material – asphalt, metal, slate, or EPDM and TPO.

Pond’s roofing experts can also repair and replace existing ventilation systems including soffits, ridge vents and gable vents. In the case of attic fans, we must replace the entire unit as we cannot service parts.Our knowledgeable crews repair flashing of roofing components that are worn, damaged and cracked. We reseal or replace and re-flash vent collars, chimneys, skylights and walls.

Our friendly estimators are happy to walk you through the technical aspects of your roof and answer any questions you might have. Want to study up ahead of time? Click here for helpful information on the major components of your roof.

Common Roof Concerns

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