December 19, 2016

Living overseas, it came as a shock when our property manager e-mailed us saying that our house in Virginia needed a new roof immediately. We were bewildered trying to identify trustworthy and professional contractors, and our property manager suggested Pond Roofing. We checked out the references and made contact with a representative. She was immediately ready to help and directed us to a website which allowed us to visualize the many color and tile choices available. We wanted the best materials and workmanship available so that our new roof would last for the rest of our lives. Pond provided cost estimates for many different materials and options. Once we chose a plan that was right for us, Pond started and finished the work quickly and expertly. The new roof, new gutters and good workmanship impressed quite a few neighbors who requested the name of the company who did the work. I have never written a testimonial about a company before, and I generally don’t believe the testimonials that I see on websites, but I would be happy to tell you individually what a great pleasure it was to work with Pond and how satisfied we are with their professionalism.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Thompson