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Procrastination + Rain Deluge = Nightmare

Procrastination + Rain Deluge = Nightmare

May 09, 2014

I am pretty sure that there are homeowners out there who have procrastinated about tending to exterior issues.  Hopefully the exterior of your home (roof, windows, siding) made it through the recent storms without a hitch.  Quite often homeowners are reluctant to get on top of repairs or replacements because, among other reasons, it’s no fun to put out money on things that we get no instant pleasure from:  you can’t take a trip, you don’t have a new car, there is absolutely nothing fulfilling about these expenses.

That’s one way to look at it.  On the other hand, however, you are risking every possession that means a lot to you by not taking care of replacement/repairs when they show up.  If you have a leak, tear, drafts, chances are you know you need an analysis by a professional, but many folks believe they will go away, that it’s a fluke, unusual weather pattern.  That’s rarely the truth.  Many homeowners have gone so far as to have estimates that they are just sitting on.  Don’t even think about getting comfortable with that notion.

Reputable contractors are already out for many weeks, some even months, so if you have any issues that showed up – or that were there before the storms hit – take care of them now.  Because the top contractors are booked, do not settle for a storm chaser or a contractor who has not been rated.  Chances are you will end up calling the reputable contractors to undo what was done.  Select a contractor who is licensed and insured, and ask to see copies of both documents.  Many roofing contractors will put a tarp over the damage to keep the water out until the work can be done or make a temporary repair, if possible.

As we have already seen during the last two years, our weather is unpredictable – we have witnessed an earthquake, torrential rain, and tons of snow.  Take care of your exterior issues now before Mother Nature introduces us to new freaky weather.  She’s on a roll.

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