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Fall Back/Spring Forward on Winter Maintenance Check

Fall Back/Spring Forward on Winter Maintenance Check

Nov 02, 2014

Daylight is premium so please inspect and prepare your roof & home for winter.    Like many homeowners, you may not have had a chance to give your home a careful inspection to make sure it can withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store for our area this winter.

Consult a professional exterior contractor if any issue on the following checklist needs attention:

–Check the ground for shingle granules and for cracked or curling shingles.  Make sure there are no missing shingles that need replaced.

–Check your ceilings for signs of water damage.  If any bubbles have formed, call a professional roofer immediately, and puncture the bubble to allow water to escape, avoiding a caved-in ceiling.

–Check your attic for signs of water damage.  If any signs of water stains are noticeable, call a professional roofer to check out where and why water is entering your home.  Water damage is an indication that your roofing system may be compromised.

— Check your gutters to make sure they have not pulled away from the house.  Water needs to flow through gutters to keep it from entering your home.  If you notice during a heavy storm that there is a steady stream of water between your house and the gutters, the gutters need to be checked out and re-spiked.  Left unattended, water can leak into your home through windows.

The exterior of your home provides safety and security for you, your family and your possessions.  Seek the advice of a professional, experienced contractor who can evaluate the condition of your home.

Remember, the best roofers are always the busiest so jump on scheduling an estimate before winter arrives.

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