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How to Use Salt to Eliminate Snow and Ice

How to Use Salt to Eliminate Snow and Ice

Feb 17, 2016

During the winter months, snow and ice accumulation around your home is very common. From your front walk to your driveway, you will find yourself tackling this problem time and time again.

Many people believe that more salt is the cure for snow and ice build up. While this can help eliminate some of your problem, it’s not the only strategy to rely on.

Here are several tips to keep in mind:

·      Shovel away as much snow and ice as possible.

·      Break up ice before using salt.

·      Don’t use more salt than recommended on the packaging.

·      Don’t use salt if you believe it could harm the surface, such as is often the case with unsealed concrete or some types of decking.

·      Sweep up extra salt on dry pavement.

Just the same as the interior of your home, such as with frozen pipes, there are exterior concerns when the weather takes a turn.

You can use salt to your advantage, as long as you know which steps to take and what to avoid.

Fortunately, February is moving fast and the warm weather will be here soon enough. At that point, you can put the salt away until next winter. From there, you can concentrate on improving the curb appeal of your home and enjoying the sun for a few months.

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