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Important Window Maintenance Tips

Important Window Maintenance Tips

May 21, 2015

Just because you replace your old windows with new ones does not mean you can ignore this part of your home for several years. Instead, there are many maintenance tips you can follow to ensure that your windows remain in good working condition for many years to come.

1. Caulk regularly. While this is something your installer did at the end of the installation job, caulking only lasts so long. This is particularly true of exterior caulking that is regularly exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and other elements. As a general rule of thumb, check your window caulking once per year. This will allow you to make any repairs as necessary.

2. Clean your windows, inside and out. Most people find it easy enough to clean the interior of their windows. The same does not always hold true for the exterior. Even with newer windows that allow for easy exterior cleaning, some people don’t feel comfortable doing so. Why not find a local window washer who can do the job for you?

3. Regular inspection. How often do you open and close each window? How often do you check for drafts? Regardless of the age of your windows, this is something you should do once or twice per year. You never know what an inspection will turn up.

Is your home in desperate need of new windows? Do you have concerns regarding your current windows? Regardless of what is on your mind, contact us for more information and professional advice. We can stop by your home to discuss your situation in greater detail.

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