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On the Spot Roof Repairs

On the Spot Roof Repairs

Jun 14, 2013

When customers call our office to schedule a repair estimate, they often ask whether we can repair their roof at the same time.  The answer is a resounding NO.  Here’s why, and what you should consider when making that request:

When you call for an estimate, you probably are not aware of what the problem is:  neither are we.  Our estimators are highly efficient in tracking the leak from inside your house to its outside cause.  As they develop their conclusions, they are making a blue print from which our repair crews will follow to fix the problem.  The estimator is also making a list of materials needed, including the color of your shingles.  Think of it as a house call:  The estimator is making a physical and mental assessment of the ailment of your roof.   You will receive a proposal setting forth their diagnoses and recommended cure.

While our estimators are certainly capable of making repairs, they cannot do so on the spot.  When they arrive at your home, they concentrate on finding the source of your roof’s problem.  They carefully inspect your roof and make notes along the way.  They are on a time schedule and must move onto the next appointment.  If they can make a temporary repair while on the roof, they will do so.  But it is just that – temporary.   When we are fixing a problem, we want to spend as much time as the repair requires, which is the purpose of the estimate:  How much time will the repair take?   What materials are needed?   What is the appropriate expertise needed?

Most of the “on the spot” roof fixes we see are just temporary patch jobs.  The whole purpose of our estimating and repair process is to develop and deliver to you a permanent solution to your roofing problem.  We don’t just treat the symptoms – we develop and implement a cure.

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Michael Van Dyke
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